What’s Easy, Everywhere and Green? Three Low-Maintenance Trees That Enhance Any Property


Those green lush whatchamacallits that look like a mix between a tree and a shrub are called Arborvitaes and they’re quite popular in residential and commercial landscaping for some solid reasons: they’re dense, low maintenance, and grow together to make a lovely ‘green wall’ for privacy or hiding mechanics.  Here’s an overview on which varieties suit what needs:

Arborvitaes make a beautiful green wall for privacy around yards and pool areas.
  • For a large, fast-growing Arborvitae, choose the Green Giant variety (grows 2 ft/yr once established, up to 50’ tall x 20’ wide). Green Giant is DEER RESISTANT and SHADE TOLERANT.
  • For tighter areas, Emerald Green reaches 18’ and keeps a narrow, columnar shape.  Not deer resistant.
  • For areas with sun and/or where deer are not an issue, Dark American is a great choice.

PS: For the record, Arborvitaes are a tree. Let me know if you have any questions.

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