Weather’s Still OK to Plant Trees

If you are thinking of planting trees, it’s not too late. As long as the ground is not yet frozen, it’s a good time to plant. The soil temperature is typically warmer than the air this time of year…. Roots will grow and get stronger even as the plant itself becomes dormant. I find organic…

Starting to Think About Planting a Flowering Tree?

This week’s “Treesday Tip” is about choosing the best flowering tree to plant in your yard: 1.       Those that are available in your local area tend to be hardy and good choices for the region. 2.       Further considerations – wind, urban tolerance, deer, ocean, wet ground, dry ground, and more. 3.       Our website gives…

Fall Tree Care – What to Check

In the fall I like to inspect my trees to make sure they’re healthy and ready to withstand the winter. It’s good to check that there are no loose branches near the house or electric lines, and that insects haven’t caused damage. Watering in the fall helps them weather the winter better. Here are some…

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Connecticut Horticulturist Talks Value of Trees

A press release about the Leader of the Tree World – me! Helping to advance the growing “going green” movement, one local businessman launched a campaign to spread knowledge on how trees help preserve the environment. Horticulturist Bruce Lindsay of Milford uses the internet to educate people on the importance and benefits of planting trees….