Two Thousand Seventeen

A new year, a new spring right around the corner.  Fresh starts and newer, brighter and warmer days to come.  Hard to fathom with the hard crunchy snow and the overnight freezing temps. Today is March 21, 2017. The first FULL day of Spring. As we await the warm days and spring flowers, some tips from the Tree Guy (Warden) for you and yours.

First of all, welcome back to my blog for both you and me! It has been a while since I typed last. Many changes happened in the last couple years, work and life swings. If interested…IM me, lol!  Whichever way you see it, I take it positively and look for the wrinkles of inspiration.  So without further ado … here is the 2017 roll out blog:


Get out and hike…bike…backpack…whatever outdoorsy thing thrills you. This is my advice to clear or reset the mind from the cabin fever that has undoubtedly set in of recent.  Given the Nor’ Easter last week and the unusual delayed winter I reckon we are all a little ready to get out and explore.  A walk in the woods can provide all kinds of amazing healthful stimuli amongst the trees in the forest or Forest Bathing:


Take your kids, your dogs…yourself and begin 2017 anew with eyes wide open.  The more exposure you get the more you will find clarity in your plans for work, life and social availability. I try to hike/ride at least 5 times a week and get at least 30 minutes exercise a day…this includes gardening, mowing the lawn or walking your dog around the block. It totally clears my mind and helps me focus on a wide range of tasks.

Resolve to eat better this year, grow a vegetable garden, get chickens, enroll in a CSA and have fresh organic produce generated for you weekly all summer/fall, it’s fun and forces you to cook more creatively and healthy. Here are a few near me:



Embrace spring with creativity and a mindset to get your hands dirty in the soil, smell a flower and climb a tree.  You may not recognize the importance of the simplest form of nature but planting and conservation are important endeavors in a world that may see the EPA go away and energy use changed.  It’s important for all of us to respect the Forest and the Parks and the Preserves and the Land Trusts and Hiking Trails in our community. Participate, volunteer, become a Steward and plant a tree or pick up litter.  We all need to step up our game a little more now to protect our little corner of the planet…now more than ever.

These lands are no longer commodities, they are protected watersheds and woods. They filter the air we breathe and the water we drink. Fast fact: 1/10,000th of 1% of CT Forests are Old Growth.  The rest of the entire state was logged, farmed and developed.  Help us conserve what is left and inspire others to recognize them too.  It all starts with a walk in the woods. Reflect, reset and respect!

See the forest for the trees in 2017 and carry a big stick!

See you around the woods,

B Lindsay – feel free to drop a line anytime




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