The White Oak

ImageThe CT state tree, the white oak, or as I like to call it, Quercus alba. Just rolls off the tongue. Quercus alba.  I decided to add the white oak leaf to me repertoire of natural supporting imagery.  So yesterday I set off on a walk in the woods with my trusted lab Bailey and the hound dogs, Tulip and Zinnia.  I came across a young white oak tree in the woods and decided to turn that are into my photo studio for a while.  Image

White oak, is a native tree. a large long living shade tree with beautiful grain(whitish) and very useful wood.  It can be turned into great furniture and furnishings as well as fencing and firewood. Its very rot resistant, strong and dense.  The trees can live well over 100 years and are the pride and treasure of CT folklore, a story for another time, but look up the Charter Oak for more information.Image

Well this day I decided to find inspiration and photograph the white oak in a unique way.  I found a leaf that was free of pest, damage or otherwise and hung in neatly into the bark of the tree.  Then with trusty smartphone in hand, I shot the leaf in all kinds of effects and I have a few favorites and have decided this leaf, a natural find, will be the face of Digtrees when the round logo is absent.  Image

So friends tell me which leaf do you like, which tree is your favorite. Photograph it, tell me about it and let me know why I should feature your tree next.  I decided to shoot a tree a week like this and catalog all the cool ones into an all-star team of tree leaves in spontaneous effects.  Should be fun and I hop you play along.


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