A New Launch

Japanese Maple in our Box
Japanese Maple in our Box

Friends of Digtrees, I am writing today to announce that Digtrees will be relaunching the website this summer.  Recently in the past few years, I was juggling two businesses. One, was Digtrees and the other was my landscape design/build company.  I have shut down the design/build to place 100% of my time and energy into Digtrees and reach out to a larger audience and spread the word about the importance of trees in our lives as well as for the gift for an occasion.

Going forward there will be a new brand, a new website and a whole new product line.  You will be able to visit the site, browse through our tree inventory and ship the selected tree in a box to friends and family nationwide.  The trees are smaller now, under 3′ and are packaged in a way that they stay intact in transit.  Additionally you can select trees that can stay in an office, or your living room, or on a patio or can be planted immediately in the ground to your recipient.  The possibilities are endless and so are the occasions.

So when a gift to a friend or loved one calls for more than flowers, send trees-they last a lifetime!

See you this summer

Bruce Lindsay-Founder


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