Signs of Spring! Enjoy Early Blooming Trees

Pink Flowering Dogwood

A reader recently asked me about the best time to plant hydrangeas and dogwoods, which got me thinking…. especially after the winter we just had, it will be great to enjoy some beautiful flowering trees. A pink dogwood is nice for New England because it blooms early in the season (April) and is native to the area.

Thanks to Peggy for the question – and feel free to ask your question here, on Facebook or Twitter.


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  1. chris says:

    Looking to plant a flowering tree between two windows about 10′ apart .There is an overhang about 12 ‘ above, the backdrop is red brick so iam looking for maybe white or yellow flowers and something thats blooms all summer as appose to spring.This area gets full Sun. Am I asking too much. What do you suggest? Living in Boston MA

    1. Hello Chris:

      Thanks for blogging in. Thats not a difficult question because most trees which bloom all summer will tend to grow slow and not cause conflict with the house as much as a say an oak or maple tree would. My suggestions would be a Pee Gee Hydrangea tree, A franklinia tree or a japanese stewartia. Most will bloom from late spring into and through the summer. They are slow growing ornamental trees and will look very handsome against a brick background and have terriffic flowers. Good luck and thanks again.

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