Connecticut Horticulturist Talks Value of Trees

A press release about the Leader of the Tree World – me!

Helping to advance the growing “going green” movement, one local businessman launched a campaign to spread knowledge on how trees help preserve the environment. Horticulturist Bruce Lindsay of Milford uses the internet to educate people on the importance and benefits of planting trees. On his website, plus a blog, Facebook and Twitter pages, and an e-newsletter, Bruce provides tips and resources, and answers questions on issues ranging from how to select the right tree for a property to how a tree makes an enjoyable, long-lasting gift.

In addition, embraces a new concept in shopping for something that traditionally was only sold in person – trees. While other websites sell trees, is different. In addition to a fun and easy tool that helps users select the best trees for their property, the service also includes planting by Bruce and his team of tree experts. How it’s planted is crucial to making sure a tree grows and thrives.

“People ask why I’d want to launch a business in this tough economy, but for me now is the perfect time to embrace change and use new technology,” explains Bruce. “Spending has not gone away completely, rather I’m finding that people are more judicious and expect more out of what they purchase. In my community, the interest in going green has really taken hold. enables me to share my horticultural expertise and love of trees while offering people something that’s long-lasting, meaningful, healthy and interesting.”

Web surfers can use as an educational tool even if they’re not ready to buy. The tree finder tool allows users to narrow down the right tree for them, based on important criteria such as deer resistance, shade tolerance, evergreen, flowering and more.

Eco-Friendly and Supporting Local Economy

In addition to beautifying the property and neighborhood in which the buyers choose to have trees planted (whether for themselves, a gift or a commemoration), they’re also helping to support local businesses. All trees are grown in the northeast and Bruce works with local nurseries to get the best quality, mature trees only. This keeps transportation costs and energy usage down.

As trees mature, they help reduce energy costs by providing shade over houses and buildings. When it’s time to take down a tree for whatever reason, replacing it with a young, healthy one will enhance the property visually and ecologically.

By combining progressive thinking with his hands-on experience in the age-old practice of planting trees, Bruce Lindsay is helping to shape the future of how people buy one of nature’s most valuable resources.

About offers easy selection of the best trees for any location, and completes the package with hands-on planting and customized information. Horticulturist Bruce F. Lindsay, founder, and the team are committed to planting healthy trees and improving our environment.

Bruce Lindsay also owns Milford’s Nutmeg Design & Landscape.

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