Preparing for a Yard of Flowering Trees in the Spring

It’s such a good feeling when all the flowering trees start to bloom here in the northeast after a long cold winter.  If you are thinking about adding some flowering trees to your yard, for the most part many species grow very well in this climate and terrain. Many people like to have trees bloom in succession so there’s continually something happening.

In general, flowering trees start to bloom in this order, starting in mid-April. (This is all highly weather-dependent):

1. Pear (Trinity Callery Pear, below l.)
2. Cherry (Weeping Pink Cherry, r.)
3. Dogwood (White Flowering Dogwood, below r.)
4. Eastern Redbud (top)

These may vary by the variety within each species. My website gives info on several cherry, pear and dogwood varieties.

Feel free to ask me if you have any specific questions.

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