Why and How to Prune Trees

Pruning helps keep flowering trees lush and full. Thundercloud Flowering Plum shown here.

Pruning  a tree accomplishes some important things:

  1. gives a tree good healthy structure
  2. promotes flowering
  3. encourages height, width or both
  4. keeps it from getting sick, diseased, infected by bugs or other pests
  5. prevents liability from dead or dying limbs

Knowing when, where and how to prune effectively usually requires a professional.  But don’t be afraid to get in there with the pruners and start snipping, trees are very resilient and these tricks always require practice.

Several factors come into play about pruning – ie, whether it’s a flowering tree, the growth habits of the tree, and more. There’s not a blanket answer for all trees – ask me any questions you have.

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